MMA Rx Solutions

To help employers combat the rising cost of pharmacy benefits, Marsh & McLennan Agency has launched MMA Rx Solutions, a comprehensive program designed to not only create an awareness on pharmacy options but also to help maximize bottom line savings.

The Solution:

Rx Solutions Image A

Deep dive analytics driven by our local actuarial and health

integration teams.


Rx Solutions Image B

Pharmacy contract expertise supported by strategic partnerships

in the marketplace.


Rx Solutions Image C

Mobile engagement application designed to help employees make

cost effective decisions at the time of script.

With MMA Rx Solutions Clients Receive: 
  • Better cost and trend management through proprietary analytics
  • Expert review and negotiations on pharmacy contracts
  • Innovative solutions for employee engagement and communication
  • More control and customization of plan
  • Performance management of the PBM
Proven Results:

MMA Rx Solutions clients typically see net savings of 12% - 20% on their pharmacy contract.