2017 Global Cyber Survey

Building on the success of prior year surveys, Marsh & McLennan Agency and Microsoft are proud to sponsor a joint global survey on cyber risk, one of the most critical operational and financial threats facing organizations today—regardless of size, industry sector, or geographic location.

The Need for Relevant Information Remains

The survey seeks to measure perceptions about cyber risk as well as efforts that organizations are taking to assess, measure, manage and respond to cyber risk in every sector and market around the world. Your input and views will be highly valuable to the accuracy, thoroughness, and significance of the survey findings. To make this survey a success, we need your insights.

Your participation in this survey—which should take no more than 10 minutes to complete—provides key information to Download 2015-2016 Cyber Reportfurther the understanding and management of cyber risk. Your responses will be anonymized, held in complete confidence, and revealed only in the aggregate.

In appreciation for your time, we will share with you a copy of the published survey results. On behalf of Marsh &McLennan Agency colleagues, we thank you for your participation in this important effort.

Who Should Participate?

  • Company executives or owners
  • Risk management team members
  • Board members
  • Finance professionals
  • Human resource team members
  • Operations leaders
  • Information technology specialists
  • Anyone involved in insurance purchasing decision

We Invite You to Participate in the Survey Today!


Contact your Marsh & McLennan Agency representative.