Trucking Innovation Ecosystem Collaboration

The demand for trucking services continues to increase, and to keep up the trucking industry needs to accelerate innovation. Many in the industry feel that technological innovation is lagging behind other industries. One aspect of the challenge stems from the players in the value chain, which have been working independently from each other, innovating their products within the boundaries of their specific segment.

Stakeholders within the trucking industry are working to create an ecosystem that will accelerate innovations by creating synergies with various members of the value chain. They are inviting innovators, such as truck manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, fleet owners, technology centers, universities, and industry experts to join and embrace the trucking innovation eco-system.

The goal of trucking ecosystem innovators is to move the trucking industry forward by creating the highest value to the market. It works by identifying a specific fleet problem which requires a technical solution. Then, a joint innovation program is brought together with the best players of the ecosystem. Finally, they collaborate to create an initiative that solves the problem.

The result is a complete and innovative solution to improve truck efficiency. Examples of problems that are addressed include weight reduction, volume optimization, corrosion, fuel savings, increased performance, maintenance and many others.

Creating new opportunities for players in the value chain to participate in collaborative solutions will ensure that the industry continues to innovate in ways that will benefit all aspects of the trucking industry. Value chain members that coordinate and collaborate most effectively to create the ecosystem, will likely provide the greatest value to its users.

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