Innovative Floor Joist System Saves Contractors Time, Money and Waste

Innovative fast floor joist systems are “greener” and save builders time and money. At the center of the fast joist system is a 150-foot saw that enables floor joists to be pre-cut to 1/16th of an inch, according to an assembly plan. Once the joist is cut, it is labeled with an ink-jet printer and then bundled. The joists are then delivered in packages to make it easy for builders to lay out each section according to plan. This enables the labor time to be reduced by approximately 60 percent.

There are many benefits to having a pre-cut floor system, including time savings and reduced waste. Contractors have discovered they were able to lay out a floor in 2 days that would normally require 6 or 7 days of work. It takes less than 5 minutes to lay out and install a floor joist because the process is so quick and easy when they are precisely pre-cut, saving a great deal of time and money in labor costs. Another benefit is that there is zero waste at the job site, making this system environmentally friendly and less expensive to clean up. Contractors using this technology are left with less debris, and fewer dumpster runs.

The key to the success of the fast-floor joist system is the use of computer software that gives the lumber yard the opportunity to design an optimum floor on a computer as opposed to on a job site. The floor designer enters the initial plans into a computer and then provides a design to the contractor, giving the customer the opportunity to critique and make adjustments before the floor joists are cut. The design is then held in a queue until it is time for construction. Then the lumber yard visits the job site to field-verify that all the dimensions are correct before the joists are cut. If there has been a change in plans, there is no problem. The floor joist system design is easily adjusted and, in a few moments, the model is updated.

In addition, the saw can pre-cut all of the perforations needed for HVAC, plumbing and electrical installations. Each perforation is labeled with an ink-jet printer, making it easy for each trade to know which hole they will use, saving a great deal of time for them and a net savings for the entire project. The use of fast-floor joist systems is growing. Contractors who use this system can have a significant competitive edge over other builders.

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