2017 Risk Index

Is the world getting riskier? More and more American consumers and business owners and executives
are saying “no,” according to results of the 2017 Travelers Risk Index. In fact, the perceived overall risk
outlook has been steadily improving since Travelers began surveying consumers in 2013 and business
owners and executives in 2014.

This year, 52% of consumers say they think the world is getting riskier, compared with 56% in 2016
and 63% in 2013; fewer businesses (37%) perceive that the business environment is getting riskier,
compared with 41% who thought so in 2016 and 44% in 2015.

Despite the improvement, however, respondents indicate there is still plenty to worry about.

Those were among the findings of two studies conducted this year by Travelers with Hart Research
Associates. The objective was to identify perceptions of risks among American consumers and
businesses, and what steps they take to mitigate them. The first study, conducted in January, surveyed
1,203 executives and business risk managers across businesses of all sizes; the second, conducted in
April, asked 1,016 consumers ages 18 to 69 about the risks they face in daily life.

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