Charting a Course for Employee Benefits 2020 Seminar Series

Charting a Course for Employee Benefits 2020

Like in sailing, business owners need a long-term plan and up-to-date systems to reach their target destination. Often the keys to safe passage are proper planning, evaluating the landscape, and strategic maneuvering through unknown waters. Join Marsh & McLennan Agency for a benefits future planning session designed to help chart a course for 2020.

During this session, we will help participants understand the current climate in health care and how to set and implement strategies to mitigate rising plan costs. Our discussion will include new and emerging health care strategies designed to reduce costs and promote a healthier workforce, employee communication best practices, and tips and tricks on weathering the changes of the health care tides.

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Protect Yourself from Tax Refund Fraud

For many people, knowing a tax refund is on the way can be a big relief, an exciting treat, or both. And the sooner the refund arrives the better. For victims of tax identity theft, however, the wait can drag on for almost a year. Not to mention they may have to deal with a lot of red tape to get what’s rightfully theirs. That’s why it’s critical to understand:

  • How tax-related identity theft works
  • How to reduce chances of becoming a victim
  • What to do, if you do become a victim

This article will help you keep your hard-earned refund safe.

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New Digital Business Models are Being Created for Life Sciences

The digital revolution is bringing major changes to the healthcare sector. Electronic record systems, the Internet of Medical Things and artificial intelligence are all impacting life sciences. Furthermore, even bigger changes are on the horizon, such as in-memory computing and advances in networking. Medical equipment manufacturers and pharmaceutical drug companies are experiencing opportunities in personalized healthcare and are bringing positive changes to therapeutic outcomes. With the life sciences industry poised for change, companies are working to capitalize on new technological developments to gain a critical competitive edge. Continue reading “New Digital Business Models are Being Created for Life Sciences”

The Perks that Make Employees Take a Second Look

Supplemental health, financial wellness solutions, retirement tools—all of these and more can take employers’ benefits packages from “good” to “impressive.” But with so many options, it’s hard to know where to start. And how do you know what your employees are looking for?

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Who Will Create the Google Maps of Financial Services?

Despite relatively good conditions for the financial services industry in 2017, many executives are expressing a gnawing sense of concern that the structural advantages of their businesses are eroding, raising questions about where future growth will come from.

Association Health Plans

Helping Employees Reach Financial Security

Time spent focusing on personal finances is a common aspect of life. Since much of the time spent worrying about money takes place at work, this results in lost productivity for both the individual and employer. According to the most recent Inside Employees’ Minds research from Mercer, 4.5 percent of payroll dollars are wasted on employees spending time on the job worried about money.

In addition to cost, organizations that ignore this anxiety risk an increasingly disengaged workforce. More and more, workers not only worry about their current expenses, but are also having to accept greater responsibility for managing their own long-term savings—with the goal of an adequate retirement income—which adds to their stress. Clearly, employers have a stake in inspiring greater employee confidence on the road to financial security.

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2018’s Top Ten Drugs

Humira, AbbVie’s TNF inhibitor, will lead the pack again in 2018 with an expected $20 B in sales, the first drug to ever pass that threshold.  It will more than double the sales of Revlimid which holds the number two spot at $9.2 B in sales. Not surprisingly, five of the top ten spots belong to cancer treatments and the remaining are medications for diseases of the retina, auto immune disease and a blood clots.










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Source: 2018’s Best-Sellers? AbbVie’s Humira, Obviously, but Newcomers are on Their Way

Pharma CEO: “Contribution to Science Watered Down Without Action on Cost”

At a recent health care conference David Ricks, Eli Lilly CEO, shared his thoughts around the mounting criticism the pharma industry is facing around cost.  Speaking on the topic he stated, “If you look at where we are as an industry, there has never been a better time for science…that’s the good news.”  On using innovation as an excuse for sky high prices Ricks said the industry, “can’t just keep saying that and do nothing on the affordability side. We need to do more.”

It is well documented that pharma’s pricing has been and will continue to be under the microscope of consumers and regulators. In response to some major pricing controversies of late, payers have tightened the reigns on new drug launches by making manufacturers prove drug values and politicians continue to promise a crackdown on price hikes.  Ricks praised efforts of the Food and Drug Administration to boost competition and calibrate the “balance between reward for innovation and access.”  So what are possible solutions?  Ricks offered two:

Value-Based Drug Pricing

Value-based drug pricing means the price of a drug reflects its benefits in terms of improved quality of life and longevity. In practice this means regulated assessments of the value of new drugs to set their prices.  While the concept has taken off in Europe, America has just tipped its toe in the water.  Today about one in four health plans have one outcomes-based contract with a drug maker tying health outcomes to payment.

Rebate Passthroughs

While consumers currently do not benefit from the rebates that are shared between insurers, PBMs and pharma, plan sponsors can with the right contract language an expert at their side.  MMA Rx Solutions offers expertise on negotiating transparent contract terms including passthrough pricing if it is in the best financial interest of the client.

While there is still much to be desired from pharma as it relates to cost, MMA Rx Solutions clients have peace of mind in knowing they receive the best pharmacy deal available to them in the market as well as financial protection should their PBM underperform on contract terms.

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Lilly CEO: With Pharma Friends in High Places, It’s “Time for Action” to Ease Drug Costs

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