Cyber Risk: Get in Front of It

Cyber threats have grown so large that their consequences can significantly impact a company’s valuation. As a result, network security and data privacy are now boardroom governance concerns. Regulators, including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), have responded by increasing oversight and highlighting the need for public companies to make disclosures related to these risks. Boards need to not only devote more attention to this ever-increasing area of risk but evaluate their corporate readiness for such attacks.

Marsh & McLennan Agency is ready to arm you with the right resources, tools and coverages to prevent a breach.

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An AudioCast By MMA and the FBI

Today’s news headlines are never short on high-profile cyber breaches that illustrate how devastating a breach can be to a company’s revenue, reputation and even its bottom line. Given the severity of the exposure, data security and privacy are now boardroom governance concerns.

To help you manage the risk, Marsh & McLennan Agency will hold an AudioCast on October 19 and October 20, 2017. We will discuss how to evaluate your organization’s preparedness for a cyber-attack and cover best practices on breach prevention and response.

FBI Special Agent, Judy Eide, Private Sector Coordinator
Marc Schein, Marsh & McLennan Agency, Cyber Champion

You are invited to participate in this interactive discussion on the date and time that is most convenient for you:

October 19:

  • Eastern Time: 10-11 a.m.
  • Central Time: 9-10 a.m.
  • Mountain Time: 8-9 a.m.
  • Pacific Time: 7-8 a.m.

October 19:

  • Eastern Time: 1-2 p.m.
  • Central Time: 12-1 p.m.
  • Mountain Time: 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
  • Pacific Time: 10-11 a.m.

October 20:

  • Eastern Time: 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
  • Central Time: 10-11 a.m.
  • Mountain Time: 9-10 a.m.
  • Pacific Time: 8-9 a.m.

Presenter Biographies:

FBI Special Agent, Judy Eide, Private Sector Coordinator

Special Agent Judy Eide is currently assigned as the New Haven Divisions as Private Sector Coordinator. After graduating from the FBI Academy in July, 1990, SA Eide was assigned and still remains in the New Haven Division. She has worked primarily on White Collar Crime/Public Corruption, Cyber, and JTTF squads. SA Eide was the divisions Training and National Academy Coordinator. She has served as the Senior Evidence Response Team Leader 1996-2012. SA Eide has been the Connecticut InfraGard Coordinator since 2012.

InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector. The Infragard program provides a vehicle for seamless public-private collaboration with government that expedites the timely exchange of information and promotes mutual learning opportunities relevant to the protection of Critical Infrastructure.

Marc Schein, CIC, CLCS – Marsh & McLennan Agency Cyber Champion

Marc has positioned himself well as a thought leader in the cyber space. He is a part of several professional organizations, including the Ponemon Institute, a research center focused on privacy, data protection and information security policy, where he serves on the RIM (Responsible Information Management) Council Board. Marc is frequently asked to share his expertise at numerous cyber conferences, seminars, counting education platforms for attorneys and accountants, webinars, industry gatherings and roundtables.