Claim Management

We are here to connect with you through your claims process. While it is ideal to have an accident free business, claims do need to be filed and we want that experience to be as smooth as possible for our clients.

We serve as a connection between you and the insurance company’s adjuster on your more complex and challenging claims. Our aim is to facilitate open communication between all parties and encourage fast and fair solutions. We are available to analyze challenging claims situations and walk with you through the process until your claim is finalized. Helping you to get back to “business as usual” quickly and with minimal inconvenience is our goal.

We will help you connect the following details:

  • Knowledge of claims process and reporting information
  • Impact of claims and potential future effects on premiums
  • Benefit of regular claims reviews
  • Collaboration with insurance carrier managers to facilitate communication
  • Navigation of different carrier’s policies and procedures
  • Coordination with MMA’s Risk Control to provide comprehensive service to clients

For after-hours, holiday, or weekend claims emergencies, please click here for a list of carrier claim reporting numbers.

If your carrier is not listed please call 1-866-214-7141.