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Technology Disrupters Driving Greater Value and Measurable Impact

The pace of change in technology today is truly astounding. Consider how rapidly technology has changed even in the last twelve months. The headlines that we would have thought were from science fiction a year ago are now reality. Here are a few: NASA Tracks SpaceX Tesla Roadster Starman’s Journey Through Space NeuroLink Symptom Self-Assessment… Read More »

Take Time to Stay in Tune with Your Biological Clock

You’ve probably heard that your body has its own biological clock, but have you ever given much thought as to how important this clock is? Indeed, your biological clock helps you feel alert during the day, hungry at mealtimes, and sleepy at night. Moreover, keeping your body’s daily cycles, or circadian rhythms, in sync is… Read More »

The DOL’s new Association Health Plan Rules and What They Actually Mean

The President signed an Executive Order on October 12, 2017, directing the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to consider ways to make it easier to form an Association Health Plan (AHP) by expanding existing membership rules. After issuing proposed regulations in early 2018 and considering public comments, the DOL issued a set of final regulations… Read More »

Customer Service a Key Role in Smart Home Business Success

The demand for smart home connected devices is exploding and early adopters are taking notice. Sales in the connected home retail space are growing and big brands are paying attention. But after the “cool” factor wears off, consumers have expressed skepticism about the true value that smart home devices will bring their lives. Early adopters… Read More »

Arthritis Can Affect Anyone

You may think of arthritis as a condition that only affects older adults, but that’s actually not the case. It’s indeed common for many people to start to feel pain and stiffness in their joints as they get older, often when they’re 45 to 50. However, arthritis can affect young adults and even children. In… Read More »

The Importance of Building Strong & Healthy Relationships

Strong, healthy relationships are critical to your overall health and well-being. Studies have found that having a variety of social relationships may help reduce stress and heart-related risks. Strong social ties are even linked to a longer life. On the other hand, loneliness and social isolation are linked to poorer health, depression, and increased risk… Read More »

15 Best Practices to Protect Your Website from Malware & Cyber-Hacking

As hackers grow faster, more numerous, and more effective, many companies are struggling to protect their websites from cyber-threats. The statistics don’t lie: Over 360,000 new malicious files are detected every day There were 1,188,728,338 known attacks on computers in 2017 Damage to businesses by cyber crime is expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021… Read More »

Digital Twin Technology is Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers in today’s economy are leveraging digital technologies to continuously drive greater efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability for their organizations. One of the innovative technologies available to help manufacturing companies achieve these goals is digital twin technology. What is Digital Twin Technology? A digital twin is a digital replica of something that exists… Read More »

Cloud-Connected Cardiac Care Devices & Cyber Security

The health care industry today is working to improve the way health care is delivered through innovative connected cardiac care programs. In these types of programs, technology is being utilized to support the care of patients who are diagnosed with heart disease through self-monitoring. The technology helps patients manage their disease from own home with… Read More »