Move Your Construction Forward

There is an enormous amount of risk in construction. MMA and its local partner agencies have joined forces to support companies and construction contractors with a dedicated, global network of surety consultants who know the industry. MMA’s surety bonding services can replace bank letters of credit or insurance guarantees with more cost-effective surety bonds, freeing up credit capacity for other business needs so you can break ground sooner.

With MMA as your bonding representative, you can focus more time on what’s made your company successful.

Because MMA has skilled, in-house bond professionals, we save your company time and effort when trying to find the right surety. Our professionals understand the complexities of the bonding marketplace and can effectively find solutions that meet your demanding needs.

MMA knows each client’s business and situation are different. We take the time to identify your specific needs and put together a competitive bond program that provides consistency and flexibility, allowing you to focus more time on what you do best—running your business.